Dr. Quah Lee Kiang Lecture: "Condition Assessments in Property Asset Management"

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dalle 15:00 alle 16:30


Sala del Consiglio di Palazzo Tassoni Estense DA Dipartimento di Architettura, via della Ghiara, 36 Ferrara

Persona di riferimento

Prof. Roberto Di Giulio / Prof. Theo Zaffagnini

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Doctoral Lecture by Dr. Quah Lee Kiang organized by IUSS Ferrara 1391
in collaboration with International Doctorate Architecture and Urban Planning (IDAUP)

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Synopsis of Dr. Lee Quah Kiang's Lecture

Properties/Buildings are durable assets, they involve large sums of capital investment and even larger aggregate sums to operate and maintain over their service life.  It is thus important for the performance of the asset to be measured and monitored in a consistent and objective manner to facilitate decision making for optimising asset performance. This presentation introduces the concept of Property Asset Heath Management and NEN 2767, a Dutch standard on Condition Assessment which could be utilised to measure asset technical health over building life cycle.


CV. Dr Quah Lee Kiang

Dr Quah is the Director of the Real Estate & Construction Centre and the Real Estate & Construction Academy in Singapore. She has extensive regional and international experience in Project and Facilities Management & Maintenance research, advice and academia.
Dr Quah led the EU funded project BE4213 Condition Assessment and Maintenance Strategies for Buildings and Building Components, which among other things, sought to develop an objective building condition assessment system. This project formed part of ongoing research over the last 20 years which culminated in Dutch Standard NEN 2767 on ‘Condition Assessment of Buildings and Building Installations’ to reduce subjectivity in building inspections.
Dr Quah’s professional and research affiliations include being Coordinator of the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB) Working Commission 70 on Facilities Management and Maintenance for a decade and past President of the Chartered Institute of Building Singapore Centre.  She was also a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Asia Board, Singapore Board and Asia Pacific Sustainability Board.
Dr Quah was conferred an Honorary Fellow by Oxford Brookes University for her work in real estate and construction education and the unusual impact her career has had on this particular academic field in Asia.

[Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Roberto Di Giulio]