New Frontiers in Urban Conservation. The challenge of the UNESCO Recommendation on Historic Urban Landscape

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dalle 11:10 alle 17:10


Palazzo Tassoni Estense

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New Frontiers Unesco


The recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape (HUL) approved by the UNESCO in 2011 suggests a new and wider approach to urban conservation. The tangible and intangible components of heritage are considered as a key asset for integrated urban enhancement and sustainable local socio-economic development. This implies a new notion of heritage and a strategic role for conservation within the wider urban context.

The seminar wishes to explore both general and specific issues entailed by the implementation of the recommendation in different social, cultural and geographic contexts. The debate will focus on the following (and possibly others) topics:

  • The relationship between strategic planning and heritage management: institutional frameworks and technical tools;
  • Methods and criteria, including cultural mapping for the identification of urban heritage in different cultural and geographic contexts;
  • Conservation as a tool for managing innovation and urban change;
  • How to appraise and communicate the complexity of multiple layers of heritage with multiple stakeholders. New methods, including Participatory GIS and tools, including the development of digital technologies;
  • How to make cultural diversity and social inclusion through creativity a key asset for an integrative and sustainable approach to heritage conservation and urban development.

The seminar will be structured as follows:


Morning (11 – 13)

Welcome address by the Director of the Department of Architecture, Prof. Roberto Di Giulio

Presentation of the Italian translation of the book “The Historic Urban Landscape: Managing Heritage in an Urban Century”, by the author Prof. Francesco Bandarin (Dipartimento Culture del Progetto, Università IUAV, Venezia, former ADG Culture, UNESCO)

The implementation of the Recommendation by the UNESCO WHC, Karim Hendili (Program specialist, World Heritage Cities Programme, UNESCO, Paris)




Afternoon (14 – 17)

Panel Discussion

Chair: Prof. Roberto Di Giulio, Director of the Department of Architecture, Università di Ferrara

Interventions by:

Prof. Paolo Ceccarelli, (UNESCO Chair in “Urban and Regional Planning for Local Sustainable Development”, Università di Ferrara)

Prof. Romeo Farinella, (Dipartimento di Architettura, Università di Ferrara)

Prof. Enrico Fontanari (Dipartimento Culture del Progetto Università IUAV, Venezia)

Prof. Jyoti Hosagrahar, (Columbia University, New York and Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore)

Prof. Daniele Pini, (Dipartimento di Architettura, Università di Ferrara)

Prof. Mike Turner, (UNESCO Chair in Urban Design and Conservation Studies, Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem)

Prof. Minja Yang (President, Raymond Lemaire International Centre on Conservation, Leuven)