Enrico Porfido

XXXI Cycle - (A.A. 2015-2016)

Home Institution: Polis University Tirana
Curriculum: Urban Planning (ICAR15)
Research Topic: Impact of tourism on coastal landscapes
Tutor DA-UNIFE: Luca Emanueli
Tutor Polis University: Besnik Aliaj
Nationality: Italian

Email: prfnrc@unife.it


Enrico (1991) is Lecturer and PhD candidate at POLIS University, dealing with projects and academic researches on tourism in Balkan countries, with a specific focus on its impact on Albanian coastal landscapes. Recently he has been invited as external expert in the Landscape Master at UPC, Barcelona. He is a licensed Architect graduated at Ferrara University with a master thesis project in Brazil. His research activity started in 2012, joining ClusterTheory - a multidisciplinary research group. In 2013 he studied in AHO, Oslo School of Architecture, where he continued his research activity working on Santo Domingo grid and focusing on urban planning and its relation with landscape design. His working experience at PROAP studio, landscape office in Lisbon, introduced him in the landscape design panorama. He collaborated also with Sealine – a departmental research unit in Ferrara University - and he had the opportunity to focus and expertise more about tourism, network and landscape.

Research skills
Landscape Architecture | Tourism Resilience | Tourism History | Strategic Thinking | Strategies Development

Scientific activities



Doctoral research

From isolation to ‘touristic periphery’: the Albanian perspective. Strategic scenarios for South Albania coastal landscapes.

In the last decade, Albania is claiming its role in the Mediterranean touristic panorama. Tourism represents one of the main challenge and opportunity for the country, for its fast and positive impact on national scale economy but with high exploitation risk of local natural resources. Due to its very recent touristic development, a significant part of the dissertation is focus on the creation of a solid state of art observed from three points of view: tourism geography, history of tourism and tourism economy. The research aims to explore the relationship between landscape and tourism in coastal areas, addressing the overall research question concerning the development of a touristic model that positively impacts the coastal landscapes of south Albania. Therefore, the theoretical framework ranges from tourism to landscape and ecology theories. The main core is the investigation of the Adaptive Cycle ecosystem model affinity with the Tourism Area Life Cycle, which aims to define a parallelism between natural ecosystem’ and touristic ecosystem’ behavior. Assumed the touristic crisis as the ‘creative destruction’ moment, the renewal function in touristic destination is here presented through case studies in the Mediterranean coastal area. The creation of an ‘abacus’ of the ‘renewed’ touristic destinations is functional to analyze the Albanian Riviera case study and to develop, as final step, strategic scenarios of its future and to provide the tools for promoting a long-term sustainable tourism.

Coastal Landscapes | Touristic Landscapes | Touristic Peripheries | Touristic Resilience | Touristic Strategies

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