Aguljeln Marku

XXXIII Cycle - (A.A. 2017-2018)

Home Institution: Polis University Tirana
Scholarship (research contract)
Curriculum: Architecture (ICAR12)
Research Topic: Energy Efficiency
Tutor DA-UNIFE: Pietromaria Davoli
Tutor Polis University: Merita Guri
Nationality: Albanian



Born in Lezha in 1993, Aguljeln is a structural engineer who is passionate about structure, engineering, and energy. In 2011 he undertakes his studies at the The Polytechnic University of Tirana where he studies civil engineering for three years. In that period, he increases his interest to engineering so much to continue his education for other two years, in the same University. At the end of March 2016 he concludes his master’s degree in structure engineering. Currently he conducts didactic activities as teaching assistant at the Polis University in civil engineering and energy sector in different courses such as Reinforced concrete structures, Steel constructions and Renewable energy. In 2017 he starts the International Ph.D. course at the University of Ferrara where is currently carrying out his research studies around energy efficiency in residential buildings.

Research skills
Sustainable Energy Design | Steel Structures Desing | Engineering Software | Reinforced Concrete Design

Scientific activities



Doctoral research

Energy Efficiency Retrofit: Improving the energy efficiency in residential building stock of the 70s-90s in Albania territory.

Energy saving, nowadays is a high-priority concern in many countries. Therefore energy-efficient measures are being increasingly implemented in all sectors. The residential sector is responsible for an important part of the energy consumption in the world. With a view to developing energy-efficient structures, we must provide an overview of building design criteria that can reduce the energy use in residential buildings. These criteria are based on the adoption of suitable parameters for building orientation, shape, envelope system, passive heating, cooling mechanisms, shading, etc. This scientific research aims to emphasize the benefits of energy efficiency in residential buildings, to have a general understanding of the methodology used to determine the energy efficiency of buildings, to present the opportunities and measures for reducing energy use in buildings without reducing comfort levels and to give a summary of legislative and policy tools that can promote energy efficiency in buildings. The case studies buildings I intend to study are the residential building stock of the 70s-90s , built in the communism era, since these buildings are occupied by the 50% of the Albanian population. So there is a high energy consumption by this above mentioned population. It has past a lot of time since they have been built and there is not any kind of rehabilitation made for them. Most of these buildings are in bad conditions and they have no good energy efficiency so they have a high cost to the population that lives there.

Energy efficiency | Retrofit | Residential buildings | Savings | | Reduce energy consumption

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