Fiona Imami

XXXIII Cycle - (A.A. 2017-2018)

Home Institution: Polis University Tirana
Scholarship (with research contract)
Curriculum: Urban Planning (ICAR20)
Research Topic: Fiscalization of Land Use
Tutor Polis University: Merita (Boka) Toska
Nationality: Albanian




Fiona IMAMI is an Urban Planner, working for Co-PLAN, since 2014. Holds a master degree in Housing and Land Management, and a Msc. in Urban Planning and Management, both from Polis University. Currently involved as Local Expert on Regional Development, in Regional Development Program in Albania. Her prior experiences include: technical expertise in assessing economic development situations, analysing territorial issues, and compiling of strategies as part of the team developing eight General Local Territorial Plans for Albanian Municipalities. She is a part time lecturer at POLIS University. Co-authored numerous publications including: “Technical Manual for Planning and Territorial Development” (2015) , “Development Strategy for the territory of Lushnja Municipality” (2016), “Designation of the Development Regions of Albania” (2015), “General Local Territorial Plan of Mat Municipality” (2017) etc.

Research skills
Regional expert | Planning Expert | GIS | Local Finances Lecturer | Local Governance Lecturer

Scientific activities



Doctoral research

Land use decision making and fiscal policies approaches: How fiscalization of land use may improve local finances and impact the land market in Albania

The objective of my study is to contribute to state and local policies seeking to better plan in the Albanian territories while coming along with new fiscal instruments fol land use developments, by analysing and estimating the relationship between land use decision making and impacts on land taxation system in Albania. The focus will be on the context of Albania and the most representative example of such transformations and impacts, the city of Tirana. In order to reach the following will be the specific objectives of the study: a) Identifying the land use transformations through periods in Tirana and understanding the Urban pattern; b) Identifying the urban need for services and public affordability to accommodate these growing needs; c) Identifying new methods of linking new land use changes to possible fiscal policies in order to provide; d) Better services in the future. This study seeks to assess the way in which land use changes can be related to further fiscal decision making and how these changes (both fiscal and land use changes) can influence the demand and supply of housing, and local distribution of residents throughout a better organized city Thus this study, through the up mentioned research approaches, will seek to shed light on the reasons behind land use and fiscal decision making, from a land management perspective Main research question of my topic so far will be: In what way land use changes are related to fiscal decision making in local governments, and how these two can affect the land markets in Albania

Planning | Land Use | Fiscal | Local Governments | Policies Identity

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