Aida Ciro


XXXIV Cycle - (A.A. 2018-2019)

Home Institution: POLIS University, Tirana
Research Institute cholarship (with research contract)
Curriculum: Architecture
Research Topic: Territory and Sustainable Tourism: The places matter - The case of Albania
Tutor DA-UNIFE: Luca Emanueli
Tutor Polis University: Rudina Toto
Nationality: Albanian



Aida is a professional in the field of strategic communication with a focus on urban development processes and is engaged in numerous projects targeting city-making or the improvement of certain city related issues, such as: participatory planning, urban activism, and networking, facilitation/moderation of trainings and workshops, and facilitation of knowledge building and sharing using online and offline tools. She has an extensive experience working with various target groups, crucial to the process of change in a city, such as vulnerable communities, local government authorities, media, and the private sector. She is currently involved in the International PhD program in Architecture and Urban Planning – IDAUP Cycle XXXIV (University of Ferrara, Italy).

Research skills
critical | analysis | case-study | interviewing | database < one word in each space

Scientific activities



Doctoral research

To analyse and adapt a model for a sustainable tourist destination development reflecting the place-based initiative experience.

The overall objective of the study is “to contribute to the theory of tourist destination governance”. The specific objective of the study is “to analyse and adapt a model for a sustainable tourist destination development reflecting the place-based initiative experience”. The research (sub)questions it raises in the process are: What is tourist destination governance?; What is sustainable tourism development?; What territorial typologies (development context) are there for place-based tourism in Albania?; What are the discrepancies between the perceived importance and perceived performance in the tourism sector in Albania?; What are the key features and comprising actors in a successful place-based tourism development model?

place-based | tourism| governance | typology |

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