Ilaria Fabbri

XXXIV Cycle - (A.A. 2018-2019)

Home Institution: University of Ferrara
Curriculum: Architecture (ICAR14)
Research Topic: Healthy city design
Tutor DA-UNIFE: Gabriele Lelli
Tutor Polis University: Joana Dhiamandi
Nationality: Italian



Ilaria is a licensed architect, graduated cum laude at Architecture Department in Ferrara, with a reuse project of a former religious complex in Faenza. After a 3-year-assignment for didactic integration in the field of Architecture Composition, in 2017 she won a public selection for a research grant in Ferrara, which aim is to provide innovative solutions for urban waste management, and widen the services offered by multiutilities. She is currently involved with several researches at Next City Lab, an interdisciplinary research group at the Architecture Department in Ferrara, and coordinates a number of projects for public and private sector focusing on the tight-knit relationship between communities, technology and public spaces. Her research combines architecture design and technology to investigate new urban interfaces to persuade people to adopt sustainable and healthier behaviours. Both in her professional practice and research activity, Ilaria has been dealing with urban regeneration, new format of commercial space and gyms, and low budget reuse too.

Research skills
architecture design | urban interfaces | prototypes development | smart community | urban texture

Scientific activities



Doctoral research

SMART HEALTHY CITY innovative urban services to improve the health in the city and its residents’ wellbeing

This research reflects upon the promotion of healthy lifestyle in urban environment, and seeks to find out viable approaches to motivate people, collectively and individually, to pursue daily healthy habits, through the use of the spaces and the services of the city itself, while enjoying the experience. The research objective is to test tangible solutions in some middle-size Pilot Cities and examine the association and the effect of availability, proximity and specific spatial features of public spaces and urban facilities with community wellbeing, not only from a physical point of view, but also including psychological aspects of urban health.The ultimate goal is creating new opportunities in the city to adopt healthy practices by means of: -enabling an active access to a mix of public spaces fostering inclusiveness; -transformation of some structures of the built environment in a way that may increase physical activity, while reducing exposure to pollutants, especially for children and other protected classes; -introduction new urban services and incentives supported by technology that may convert demanding self-control practices into positive rewarding activities. The first beneficiaries of the research results are the citizens themselves, in terms of individual and collective wellbeing and possibility of personal health-care costs reduction. Good results will be convenient for Private Company and at University dimension (employers’ and students’ wellbeing). The research seeks the involvement of stakeholders from public, private and third sectors starting from policymakers in the welfare system and the local health Authority Service; from associations for frail and disabled people to technology providers of sensor units. Multiutilities, environmental operators and private companies dealing with wellness and food would be excellent research partners.

healthy communities | behavioural change | public space | pilot project | urban services

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