Laura Boffi

XXXIV Cycle - (A.A. 2018-2019)

Home Institution: University of Ferrara
Curriculum: Architecture
Research Topic: People - (semi) autonomous cars interaction
Tutor Polis University: Arben Shtylla
External Expert: Marcello Carrozzino (SS Sant’Anna, Pisa)
Nationality: Italian



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Doctoral research

Cars with an Intent

In a near future autonomous cars will populate the urban environment. How will human relate to autonomous cars and make sense of their enhanced perceptual and decision making abilities that go beyond pure driving functionality and safety? The “Cars with an Intent” project envisions cars that will act beyond their core objectives of functionality and safety, by embedding intentional behaviours to prompt positive and enriching cars-to-humans and humans-to-humans relationships. Developed as two fictional concepts, “Cars with an Intent” reveals cars’ intentions through holograms and projections, turning the inside and the outside of the vehicles into an intentional interface. The project follows a people centred design process, involving different kind of participants from the fieldwork and co-creation up to the experience prototyping. Thanks to the involvement of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna as host institution, “Cars with and Intent” will wrap up with several experience prototyping interventions where people will test the cars-to-humans and humans-to-humans scenarios both in virtual and real world. The outcome of these interventions will provide insights for the design of forthcoming scenarios, intentional interfaces for future (semi) autonomous cars and possible urban environments. When cars will have intent and communicate it, humans could relate and make sense of them as urban beings.

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