The Department of Architecture at the University of Ferrara currently promotes and coordinates both research programmes and educational activities, the latter managed until a few years ago by the Faculty of Architecture, active since Academic Year 1991-1992. While its history goes back little more than twenty years, the Ferrara School of Architecture offers a wealth of events, outstanding choices and a reputation gained nationally and internationally.

The school focused on the direct and collaborative relationship between students and faculty, engaging in recruiting young researchers and lecturers, even from the professional world, then placing many in a stable academic career.
There has also been an equally constant effort to select a set of qualified students from all over Italy by reformulating, year after year, the entry methods and the number of those enrolled as a function of the changes generated by various university reforms, and the expansion of areas dedicated to teaching with the recovery of the large campus surrounding the monumental core of the Tassoni Estense Palace. The Ferrara School of Architecture, in order to ensure a good connection between the university and the professional world, has over the years launched internships and professional training opportunities, facilitating the entry of graduates into the labour market.
Aware of the evolution that modern society has incurred, the Ferrara School of Architecture has encouraged students to take on work experiences abroad. The relationships and international student exchanges with Universities from around the European Union, with which we enjoy the Erasmus and Atlante Programmes, are many; there are also frequent, intense collaborative initiatives with Universities from South America, North America, Africa and New Zealand.
For years, the Ferrara School of Architecture has enjoyed first place in the CENSIS classification of Italian universities, which qualitatively assesses Italian Universities, and has repeatedly ranked
first among Architecture Schools. In 2013-2014 the Ferrara School of Architecture was selected by DOMUS as one of the best 100 European Schools of Architecture and Design.