Besjana Qaja

XXXIII Cycle - (A.A. 2017-2018)

Home Institution: Polis University Tirana
Without Scholarship
Curriculum: Urban Planning (ICAR05)
Research Topic: Urban Planning and Transportation
Tutor DA-UNIFE: Romeo Farinella
Tutor Polis University: Elizabeta Susaj
Nationality: Albanian




Born in Tirana in 1991, Besjana is an urban planner graduated in Tirana. The research period ends with a thesis degree project, titled: Role of "Cluster" in Agricultural Development Sector in Local Economy. The idea of thesis started from the readings and information on the state of the sectors in different regions of Albania, the idea of developing the regions was created based on changes in territorial management following the territorial reform. In this way, starting from the positioning of the municipality, its potential and its opportunities for the development of the cluster concept. After the university period, in 2017 she wins a scholarship for attending a Post-graduation master. She spends four months in Paris with an Erasmus Program at IPAG business school. Since 2016 she works as assistant lecturer in Polis University, in department of Sustainability Research Centre. Her interested field curses when she is interested are Urban Geography, Territorial and Settlement Analysis, EU and Territory policy, Agricultural Development. In 2017 she starts the International Ph.D. course at the University of Ferrara, carrying out her research studies around the transport field in regional scale.

Research skills
Urban planning | GIS | Transport Field | Environmental Management | Territory

Scientific activities



Doctoral research

Large scale transport corridors planning for regional and national development in Albania

This scientific research relates with important sector of transport. From the historical point of view, Albania before the 90s was a closed country under the dictatorial system, which, while conditioning its links with other countries, had a limited number of road axes that could give the country a better development. After the 90's in Albania, the political system changed from a very dictatorial system to a liberal democracy and our country was not prepared for such rapid changes. The evolution of the planning system from a sectorial planning into comprehensive planning is a difficult process and it will need time to reach. So, starting from the development of planning in Albania, the topic tries to focus on a very vital and important sector for the contemporary development of Albania. This process helps to modernize the country in economically, politically, socially and legally aspects. This topic is related with planning because is trying to address one of the important sectors in the nationally and regionally aspect. This study can bring an increase in the environmental capacity assessment of transport connections and the overall system, making it more environmentally efficient. The study of these transport corridors can bring about ways of solving environmental and economic problems, traffic reducing, development of existing residential areas, etc. In the Albanian context, the transport sector has a series of problems such as the quality of public works related to transport is not yet in line with EU standards, traveling from one side of the country to another is not fast, comfortable or safe, the country's economic infrastructure tends to be concentrated in major urban centers, while outer peripheral sub-regions areas of the country suffer from significant connectivity and access problems that hinder sustainable and comprehensive growth, the quality of service in rural areas is still low and the poorer part of the population has limited access to social services, particularly health and education, limited public transport and high transport costs affect people's mobility and access to employment opportunities (namely) outside the villages. The road network is still limited, both in extension and quality and has a significant lack of maintenance. These road network restrictions have been considered as one of the main reasons for the unequal development of different regions of the country. This gives rise to study and research of a methodology that adapts the case and tries to find a solution starting from the need that this system has today, both in regional and national development.

Transport | Corridors | Nationally and Regionally Planning | Road Network | Access and Social Services

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10/06/2024 - 11/06/2024 Primo piano del Salone d'onore, Dipartimento di Architettura, Palazzo Tassoni, Via Ghiara 36 -Ferarara.

Final Exam International Doctorate in Architecture and Urban Planning (IDAUP) / Esame Finale del Dottorato Internazionale in Architettura e Pianificazione Urbana (IDAUP)

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19/04/2024 09:00 - 13:00 Sala Consiliare, Palazzo Tassoni

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10/04/2024 15:00 - 18:00 Dipartimento di Architettura (Aula D3) | Via Quartieri 8 | Ferrara

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