International PhD Programme Architecture and Urban Planning

International PhD Programme Architecture and Urban Planning –  XXXII cycle
International Consortium Agreement between University of Ferrara_Department of Architecture (DA) and Polis University of Tirana (Albania) and

with Associate members 2016 (teaching agreement): University of Malta/Faculty for the Built Environment, Slovak University of Technology (STU)/Institute of Management, Bratislava, University of Pécs/Pollack Mihály Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

PhD Programme Coordinator: Prof. Roberto Di Giulio
Vice-PhD Programme Coordinator: Prof. Vezir Muharremaj
DA PhD Programme Supervisor: Prof. Theo Zaffagnini

POLIS University PhD Programme Supervisor: Dr. Loris Rossi

Final title granted: double degree, namely a multiple diploma of PhD in “Architecture and Urban Planning”
Duration: 3 years
Admission: academic qualifications and interview
Study abroad: at least 6 months over three years
Official language of the PhD Programme: english


Urban planning