Research topics

Curriculum "Architecture"

1.1 Design theories and methods and sustainable constructions;
1.2 Inclusive design, design for all, accessibility to spaces, products and services, sustainable design;
1.3 Innovative technologies and materials for industrial, building and structural design;
1.4 Materials and techniques for the conservation of historical heritage, building maintenance and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) considerations;
1.5 Cultural heritages. Innovations and ICT processes for cultural heritages use and conservation.

1.6 Building envelope for the digital era. Strategies and innovative solutions for multifunctional prefabricated façade in digital construction.



Curriculum "Urban planning"

2.1 The city of today and tomorrow, between environmental upgrading and rehabilitation of the existing urban fabrics: requirements of functional conversion and new social demand of housing quality and urban livability;
2.2 The role of historic and cultural heritage of built-up environment and landscape in post-industrial urban development, with special reference to policies for sustainable local development;
2.3 Territory, landscape and regeneration of the built-up environment: infrastructural interventions, new energy sources and climatic change;
2.4 City governance and appropriate development policies through land management, and economic and financial tools, etc.


In addition to these cited topics some additional scholarships could be activated. These will be related to very specific binding topics that the applicant should consider in its research proposal and that will be highlighted in the call of the yearly selective process. These specific binding topics will be addressed by scholarship financing institutions or will be related to specific ongoing financed researches.